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Faculty Toolbox: Boilerplate


Use this page to find instructions and other useful information that can be copied and pasted for sharing with students.

How to Access the Library

Library services and resources are accessible at  Bookmark the page in your browser for convenient access.

There are also links to the library in the student portal at and in Canvas.  To access the library from the student portal, click on the link in the menu on the left.

To access the library from your Canvas course, click on the Library link in the menu on the left.

Library Database Access

To access [database name], visit the library homepage at and click on the Databases tab.  On the Databases page (, scroll down to and click on [database name] from the alphabetical list.

How to Schedule an IROC

To schedule an Individual Research Online Consultation (IROC) for dedicated, one-on-one research assistance, visit the library homepage at and click on the Ask-a-Librarian tab.  On the Ask-a-Librarian page, click on the IROC button.  Complete all of the required fields (marked with an asterisk).  The boxes labeled Choice One, Two, and Three are where you will enter the days and times that you can meet with a librarian.  Enter the Captcha Code (yellow box) and click Submit.  The DeVry librarian whose availability matches one of your requested meeting times will contact you to confirm the appointment and provide further detail about the meeting.

Tutoring Services provides on-demand tutoring in most subjects 24x7, plus a robust writing center.  Access to is under the Tutoring tab in Canvas. 

To make an appointment to meet with a peer tutor, student tutor, or professor, or to attend a group tutoring session visit

Face-to-face tutoring sessions are available at most campus locations.  Contact your location for open hours or visit

Library Annoucement to Post in your Classroom!