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If you have published a journal article, a book, a book chapter, a white paper, or conducted a presentation, complete the Faculty Publication and Presentation Survey.  The link is below:


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Moral Captialism: A Book of Essays by William Garrison, Robert Ramirez, Paula Herring.

Congratulations Professors Garrison, Ramirez and Herring.  To purchase the book, go to his link https://www.amazon.com/MORAL-CAPITALISM-Dr-ROBERT-RAMIREZ/dp/B0D1G6WVPR/

Congratulations Dr. Michael Bird

Congratulations Dr. Helman

Congratulations Bob Biswas

Congratulations Professor Worley

Featured Articles

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Kathryn Neal!

Dr. Laura Kathryn Neal article was published in The EvoLLLution. 

Here is the link to the article. 


Here is the author's profile - https://evolllution.com/author/laura-kathryn-neal/

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