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Faculty Toolbox: Faculty Library Advisory Board

Library Advisory Board Membership

Patti Meyer, Chair, Associate National Dean, Academic Operations
Heather Burke, Regional Librarian
Jason Rossi, Regional Librarian
Joe Louderback, Regional Librarian
Nicole Burch, Academic Operations Analyst
Jonathan Agresta, Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning
Claude Oakley, Professor BM, EIS, and HS
Deborah Helman, Professor BM, EIS, and HS
Gusteau Duclos, Professor BM, EIS, and HS
Sean Wright, Professor, BM, EIS and HS
Paula Herring, Professor BM, EIS, and HS
Allen Rodriguez, Visiting Professor III
John Kavouras, Professor LAS and MAT
Simon Obeid, Professor BM, EIS, and HS
Julie Hagemann, Professor LAS and MAT
Stacy Donald, Professor LAS and MAT
Bob Biswas, Senior Professor, BM and EIS
John Murphy, Senior Professor, MAT and LAS
William Shane Sullivan, Assistant Dean, College of EIS