DVU Copyright Policy

Use of Copyright Notice

Copyright notices should be used by all DeVry University entities for any works in which DeVry University owns the copyright. DeVry University automatically owns the copyright in works created by its employees, such as course handouts, shells, course curricula in all formats and websites, and in works made for hire by independent contractors. If you have any questions about copyright ownership, please contact Legal Consuel.

A proper copyright notice includes the word “copyright” or ©, the date of first publication, and the proper legal name of the copyright owner. It may be followed by additional language, such as, “all rights reserved.” If the work contains material created over multiple years, such as a website updated over several years, the dates of first publication may be shown as multiple years, such as “2014-2016.” The following are examples of acceptable copyright notices for DeVry University.

©2022 DeVry Educational Development Corp. All rights reserved.

The copyright notice should be placed at the bottom of the first page or on the title page,on the CD or DVD containing copyrighted work, at the bottom of website pages, or at the beginning of presentations being played from CDs/DVDs. For advertising materials, it should be placed on the bottom or side of the printed materials, or on the countdown clock for TV commercials.

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