Artificial Intelligence - Faculty

Sample Announcement

This was an example of a course policy on CharGPT provided by one of our Board Members, Dr. Dana Born

“I expect you to use AI (e.g., ChatGPT and image generation tools) in this class. In fact, some assignments will require it. Learning to use AI is an emerging skill, and I provide tutorials about how to use it (like this one on using generative AI). I am happy to meet and help you with these tools during office hours or after class.

Be aware of the limits of ChatGPT:

1.           If you provide minimum-effort prompts, you will get low-quality results. You will need to refine your prompts in order to get good outcomes. This will take work.

2.           Don’t trust anything it says. If it gives you a number or fact, assume it’s wrong unless you either know the answer or can check with another source. You will be responsible for any errors or omissions provided by the tool. It works best for topics you understand.

3.           AI is a tool, but one that you need to acknowledge using. Please include a paragraph at the end of any assignment that uses AI explaining what you used the AI for and what prompts you used to get the results. Failure to do so is in violation of academic honesty policies.

4.           Be thoughtful about when this tool is useful. Don’t use it if it isn’t appropriate for the case or circumstance.

Turnitin Tools

Here is a link to some resources that Turntin has provided for educators.  Check it out!