Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT

Cite ChatGPT

When asking ChatGPT how to site in APA format the information provided, the following was their response:

As an AI language model, I don't have an established APA citation style for my answers. However, a suggested way to cite an answer from ChatGPT in APA format could be as follows:

  • In-text citation: (ChatGPT, 2023)
  • Reference list: ChatGPT. (2023, January 18). How do you cite an answer in ChatGPT. [Response to user question]. Retrieved from [URL of the platform where the conversation took place].

Please note that the specific information in the reference list may vary depending on the platform where the conversation occurred and the date of the conversation. It's recommended to follow APA guidelines for electronic sources and adapt the reference list accordingly.

APA Style Response on Citing ChatGPT

In APA Style, you can cite a ChatGPT response as a personal communication, since the answers it gave you are not retrievable for other users. Cite it like this in the text: (ChatGPT, personal communication, February 11, 2023).