Psychology is the science of the mind and its processes.
Psychology. (2005). In Science in the early twentieth century: An encyclopedia. Retrieved from

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achievement motivation, aggression, ambition, assertiveness, attitude, authority, behaviorism, change, charismatic authority, Christian leadership, cognition, command of troops, Communist leadership, community leadership, competition, compliance,  conflict, conservation leadership, Constructivism, Contingency Theory, control, criminal psychology, development leadership, educational leadership, educational psychology, ego, emotions, employee motivation, executive ability, extraversion, extrinsic motivation, failure, followership, goal, habit, human behavior, id, identity, impulse, incentive, individuality, intrinsic motivation, job enrichment, leaders, leadership on television, Least Effort Principle, level of aspiration, management, manipulative behavior, moral motivation, morale, motivation, need, Operant Behavior, performance, personality, praise, problem solving, punishment, reinforcement, Remotivation Therapy, reward, Routinization of Charisma, self-actualization, Self-Determination Theory, servant leadership, sports psychology, superior-subordinate relationship, supervisors, threat, Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership, trust  

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