Greetings!  This LibGuide will introduce resources to assist you with your research. These will fall in four broad categories.

Background Sources
These are typically online encyclopedias and dictionaries which are a useful starting point and helpful for background information.  These resources typically should not appear in your final draft.

Library Databases
There are online reference and periodical resources to which DeVry University subscribes.  You may be familiar with some of these, while others may be new to you.

Most of the Library's books are eBooks which can be read on your device. 

Open Access
There are a growing number of online journals which are usually free to the reader.  They are self-archiving and sometimes free of  copyright and licensing restrictions (you still must cite them if you use them).  Their costs are supported by publication fees paid by authors or are externally subsidized.  The quality of open-access publications varies considerably.  Some are quite reputable, while others are fronts for special interest groups. 


Policing involves organized order maintenance, peace keeping, rule or law enforcement, crime investigation and prevention, and other forms of investigation and associated information brokering, which may involve the conscious exercise of coercive power

Terms to search

arrest  (police methods),  Black Mafia, burglars, burglary, capital punishment, child abuse, child sex offenders, commercial crimes, conduct of court proceedings, corporations-corrupt practices, Constitutional law, crime, crime and criminals, crime and prevention, crime prevention-United States, crime scene searches, criminal behavior, criminal courts, criminal investigation, criminal justice, administration of, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal psychology, criminal statistics, criminals, criminology, death row inmates, deviant behavior, discrimination in criminal justice administration, domestic violence, drug traffic, employee theft, family violence, fear of crime, female gangs, female juvenile delinquents, female offenders, fraud, gangs, halfway houses, hate crimes, homicide investigation, juvenile corrections, juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquents, juvenile justice, labor unions-police, law enforcement, local transit-security measures, Mafia, money laundering, money laundering investigation, motorcycle gangs, murder, narcotics, Organized Crime, Organized Crime investigation, parole, police, racial profiling in law enforcement, racketeering, rape, receiving stolen goods, serial murder investigation, serial murders, serial murderers-psychology, sex crimes, sex offenders, stalking, traffic accident investigation, transnational crime, transportation-security measures, victims of crime, white collar crime investigation, white collar crimes, witnesses

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