Principles of Management- This course examines fundamental management theories and traditional managerial responsibilities in formal and informal organizational structures.Planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and staffing are explored.



This LibGuide is designed to assist you with finding information to conduct a SWOT analysis for a firm.  There are a couple things to keep in mind before selecting a company.

You will find much more on publicly trade companies than you will on privately held firms.

The Library Databases will have SWOT reports for many, but not all, of the companies traded on the major exchanges.  If there is not a SWOT report available for your corporation, you you can still search for SWOT information about that company by AND-ing the firm's name with appropriate subject terms such as:

  Industry Profits
  Competitive Advantage Finance
  Financial Performance Profits
  Growth Employees
  Revenue Vaulation
  Investment Analysis Strategic Planning
  Competition Research & Development

Course Prerequisites

BUSN 115

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