Advanced Compositon -- This course builds on the conventions and techniques of composition though critical reading requirements and longer, more sophisticated reports, including a documented library research paper.


If you need any additional resources or have questions about this page, please contact Professor Michael Dufresne (SLL coordinator) at mdufresne@devry.edu 

Supplemental Live Lessons

The SLL program is on hold for the November 2023 session while leadership examines ways to more effectively meet student and faculty needs. 

You are welcome to use the prior-session resources on this page, but recognize that your section professor may present their own more relevant live lessons and resources. This page contains only "supplementary" resources.

SLLs are lessons hosted by a lead professor who may not be your class section's professor. SLLs provide additional opportunities to learn and engage with other students as a supplement your section professor's teaching. While you're encouraged to use the extra resources SLLs provide, be sure to attend your professor's live meetings and follow your professor's guidance in all aspects of the course. 

SEPTEMBER 2023 SLL Class Resources

November ENGL135 faculty have access to September SLL recordings and class notes via SharePoint.

If you have a particular need your professor is unable to meet, contact Professor Dufresne at MDufresne@devry.edu