robot /ʹrohbot/ noun
1. a machine programmed to carry out a sequence of actions automatically, e.g. on an assembly line.
2.a. esp in science fiction, a machine, often in a roughly human shape and with near human intelligence, that carries out human functions.b. a person who carries out tasks mechanically or, though efficient, lacks human warmth and sensitivity.
3. an automatic apparatus or device that performs functions ordinarily ascribed to human beings or operates with what appears to be almost human intelligence.
4. a. a humanoid machine that walks and talks. b. somebody efficient or clever who lacks human warmth or sensitivity.
5. SAfr a set of traffic lights [Czech robot, from robota forced labour; coined by Karel Ĉapek d.1938, Czech writer].
Robot. (2007). In The Penguin English dictionary. London, United Kingdom: Penguin. Retrieved from Credo Reference.

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