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AI Tools - Student Guide


This LibGuide is for students attending DeVry University to learn about Generative AI tools and DeVry's Policy on using AI tools in the classroom.

Other AI Sites/New Tools


If you have any questions on AI or ChatGPT, email

DeVry's Policy on Using Generative AI Tools

DeVry recognizes the importance of AI as a tool for learning and its responsible use in the classroom. Before using any Generative AI tools (example: ChatGPT, GrammarlyGo, Bard, Dall-E, etc.), you must get specific permission from your professor.

Generative AI Tools

Learn more about Generative AI Tools!

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) describes algorithms (such as ChatGPT) that can be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. Recent breakthroughs in the field have the potential to drastically change the way we approach content creation. (McKinsey & Compary, January 2023)

How Does ChatGPT Work?