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Engineering Technology

As part of an engineering team, engineers and technicians work together to apply fundamental math and engineering principles, as well as strong technical and hands-on skills, to design, build, maintain, and repair systems and equipment. Engineers and technicians analyze, modify, test, and apply new and existing engineering technologies to solve complex issues in fields such as environmental, industrial, electrical, and electronics engineering; computer programming; healthcare technology; and product manufacturing and assembly.

DeVry University’s Engineering Technology programs help students prepare for beginning and more advanced careers dedicated to supporting digital, automated, computer-based and/or distributed systems, and to team and organizational success. Detailed program information, and information on DeVry’s broad spectrum of courses, is found in the University’s Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

The Internet of Things

Many DeVry University courses explore principles supporting the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the interconnection, via the internet, of devices embedded with sensors, processors, and other technologies that make everyday life “smarter,” more efficient, safer, and easier. Today, so many objects we rely on – cell phones, health monitoring devices, TVs, other home appliances and security systems, and more – rely on the IoT to send and receive data. As the IoT continues its rapid growth, engineering technologists will be critical to ensuring the functionality, connectivity, and security of IoT devices and the networks integral to their use.


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