Criminal Justice


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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system exists to protect the citizenry and maintain safety and order. Together and separately the components of the criminal justice system act to prevent crime, suppress criminal conduct, implement and review preventive crime measures, implement legal measures to maintain order, allow judicial determination of culpability, impose sanctions based upon the guilt of the actor, and provide approved correctional measures for convicted offenders.

Brockett, R. (2002). Criminal justice. In Encyclopedia of crime and punishment. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Retrieved from Credo Reference

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capital punishment, correctional institutions, correctional law, correctional personnel, correctional system/agencies, corrections, criminal justice administration, criminal justice, administration of, criminal(s), criminology, ex-convicts, female offenders, female officers, imprisonment, incarceration, jails, juvenile corrections, juvenile justice administration, parole, penology, police administration, political prisoners, prison gangs, prison reform, prison riots, prison violence, prisoners, prison(s), punishment, women prisoners
The term prison(s) can be combined with any number of terms such as overcrowding, sentences, nurses, release, etc.

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