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This guide will provide links to materials of interest to students and faculty in the health information technology program.  To find materials for a specific class, click the course numbers below.

HIT 111 HIT 120 HIT 141
HIT 170 HIT 202A HIT 204A
HIT 211 HIT 220 HIT 226
HIT 230 HIT 272 HIT 272L



Health Information Technology program prepares graduates to work with health data, applications systems and electronic health information databases. Given the importance of information accuracy, privacy and security, HIT graduates are prepared for involvement in regulatory compliance and quality assessment activities designed to ensure that health information systems support patient care and safety. They work with nurses, physicians, other healthcare providers, and managers and technical specialists in a variety of settings such as hospitals, long-term-care facilities, insurance and managed care organizations, government agencies and vendor firms.

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