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Fat Liberation Month: Home

Fat Liberation Month

Fat liberation, like other liberation and justice movements, is the idea that fat people experience systemic structural oppression and that to address this, society must be restructured to end this discrimination and create an inclusive, equitable society for people of all body sizes. Part of this movement is recognizing that fat people have a right to exist, exactly as they are, without being required or forced to change their bodies to deserve the same basic rights and needs as thinner people such as healthcare, employment, housing, education, clothing, and access to common spaces.

Fat Liberation Month, occurring each August, celebrates fat people thriving in an oppressive society, and promotes advocacy, activism and education to empower fat people and their allies to create more inclusive and equitable communities. Learn more about the History of Fat Liberation Month

Similarly, the eating disorder community hosts Weight Stigma Awareness Week in September, which is open to all, to help challenge narratives of weight stigma and anti-fatness.

Fat Liberation

Anti-Blackness and Anti-Fatness

Fat Stigma

Fat and Disability



This LibGuide was co-created by Amy Harth, PhD, Assistant National Dean of Accreditation and Academic Quality, and by Joe Louderback, MLS, Reference and Instruction Librarian, as part of an ongoing series to reflect DeVry University’s commitment to, and celebration of, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.