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Library Advisory Board: Home

Information, meeting minutes and library advisory board members information


The DeVry University Library Advisory Board was established in 2018. The Library Advisory Board has 19 members, comprised of faculty, librarians curriculum deans and teaching and learning deans.  The Advisory Board meets two times a year and acts in an advisory capacity, reviewing the reviewing the library resources, make suggestions on additions, review student feedback on end of session survey, and assist with eBook acquisitions . Meetings are open to the to all faculty and colleagues.


Advisory Board Members
Jonathan Agresta Bob Biswas Stacey Donald
John Kavouras John Murphy Claude Oakley
Gusteau Duclos Simon Obeid Julie Hagemann
Shane Sullivan Deborah Helman Sean Wright
Paula Herring Jennifer Sanders Heather Burke
Joe Louderback Jason Rossi

Nicole Burch

Patti Meyer