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Jewish American Heritage Month: Home

Jewish American Heritage Month

"In 1654, a small ship carrying 23 Jewish refugees sailed into the port of present-day New York City.  Fleeing oppression and discrimination, these courageous women and men faced resistance from the colony’s leaders.  Nevertheless, they secured the right to remain and became the first Jewish communal presence to settle on American soil.  In so doing, they expanded the frontier of religious freedoms that would help define the bedrock principles upon which this Nation was built.  During Jewish American Heritage Month, we honor these 23 refugees and the centuries of successive generations of Jewish Americans, who — shaped by their own encounters with prejudice, persecution, and the promise of a better tomorrow — have emboldened our Nation to stand up for justice, equality, and freedom." (U.S. Department of State, 2022).

U.S. Department of State. (2022, April 129). A Proclamation on Jewish American Heritage Month, 2022 [Presidential action].

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