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When instructors ask you to write in APA Style, they are referring to the editorial style that many of the social and behavior sciences have adopted to present material in the field. Retrieved from http://www.apastyle.org/about-apa-style.aspx

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Writing effective assignment for your classes encompasses three main concepts:

1. Research: In order to complete an academic paper or project, research is key to guarantee that you have support of your overall concept.  Traditionally, it is recommended that you begin in the library databases, but in some cases, you are permitted to use outside information. Because of this, you should start with a general concept and gather research that supports your thesis or overall point for your paper.  If you cannot locate research materials, you may need to change your search terms or your thesis so it fits into the parameters of what you have found, or reach out to a librarian directly.

2. Writing/Revisions: Writing your paper is the overall objective of your assignment.  However, there are many ways a person can begin writing a paper, including an outline, an annotated bibliography, thesis structure, and drafting.  Students oftentimes overlook the importance of revisions.  Self-editing or peer review/tutoring could make the difference between a great idea and a great paper.

3. APA: Classes should follow the American Psychological Association's 6th edition.  All papers, PowerPoints, posters, and submitted material need to be accurately cited in the reference list and in-text citations as APA.  Failure to follow correct APA guidelines could result in poor grades, plagiarism charges, and potentially, dismissal from school.


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