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Trans Awareness Week

Trans Awareness Week occurs from November 13 through November 19 preceding November 20 which commemorates Transgender Day of Remembrance/Resilience (TDOR). The goal of this week is to help raise the visibility of trans people to help address the issues trans people face in society. TDOR honors the memory of the trans people whose lives were lost because of anti-trans violence that year.

In addition to raising awareness to help address violence against trans people, Trans Awareness Week helps to demonstrate that trans people’s experiences of joy and safety help them thrive and outline the conditions for trans people to flourish.


Terminology Note: The current preferred term within the trans community is trans or transgender. However, some older trans people may continue to use the term transsexual to describe themselves. In addition, older sources included below for their continuing relevance may also use this term.




This LibGuide was co-created by Amy Harth, PhD, Assistant National Dean of Accreditation and Academic Quality, and by Joe Louderback, MLS, Reference and Instruction Librarian, as part of an ongoing series to reflect DeVry University’s commitment to, and celebration of, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.