Tutoring Resources

The Tutoring Resources LibGuide has all the information you need to get tutoring whether it is online or onsite.


Workshops & Tutorials

  • The DeVry Library offers a suite of pre-recorded workshops and tutorials. These video recordings are designed to help you master a variety of library skills and knowledge.   Click here to learn more.


Welcome to the Tutoring Resources Guide!  This guide will encompass all tutoring resources available to DeVry University students

Video on Tutoring Resources

Tutoring Mission

The mission for DeVry University tutoring is to offer student-centered academic support across disciplines. In cooperation with faculty and student tutors, tutoring provides peer-to-peer assistance through individual and small group collaboration virtually or at tutoring locations.

Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring can assist you in many ways:

  • Complement your present study habits
  • Review course material
  • Clarify material learned in class
  • Prepare for tests and assignments
  • Receive support and motivation


Tutoring Available for Students!

DeVry University provides students with many resources to assist them with their course work. 

Tutor.com provides students with on demand tutoring in most subjects 24x7 plus a robust writing center.  Access to Tutor.com is under the Tutoring tab in Canvas. 

If students prefer to make an appointment to meet with a peer tutor, student tutor, professor or attend a group tutoring session encourage them to access DeVryTutors.com.

Face to Face tutoring sessions are available at most campus locations.  Contact your location for open hours or visit DeVryTutors.com/scheduling.





To access Tutor.com, click here and it will prompt you to login to Canvas.