Academic Success Center

The ASC LibGuide has all the information you need to get tutoring whether it is online or onsite.



  • The DeVry Library offers a series of Live Library Learning Lectures. These  videos and tutorials to help you  master a variety of library skills and knowledge.   Click here to learn more.


Welcome to the Academic Success Center Guide!  This guide will encompass all tutoring resources available to DeVry University students.

ASC Mission

The mission of the ASC is to enhance student learning by providing academic assistance beyond classroom instruction. The ASC:

  • Helps students in all programs meet the standards of their coursework at DeVry University
  • Provides students and their tutors a place conducive to studying and learning
  • Offers electronic and print resource materials for many subjects

Benefits of Tutoring

The ASC can assist you in many ways. In it, you can:

  • Complement your present study habits
  • Review course material
  • Clarify material learned in class
  • Prepare for tests and assignments
  • Receive support and motivation

Need Tutoring!  Go to to setup a time to meet with a tutor or attend a group tutoring session.

To access, click here and it will prompt you to login to Canvas.