Neurodiagnostic Technology Program

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This guide will provide links to materials of interest to students and faculty in the accounting program.  To find materials for a specific class, click the course numbers below.

NDT 155 NDT 205 NDT 221 NDT 222
NDT 241 NDT 242 NDT 256 NDS 257
NDT 266 NDT 267 NDT 276 NDT 277
NDT 286 NDT 287 NDT 296 NDT 297


DeVry’s Neurodiagnostic Technology program, offered jointly with the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, prepares graduates to become competent neurodiagnostic and polysomnographic technologists, sensitive to patient concerns, skilled in administration of neurophysiological tests, and familiar with normal and disordered neurobehavioral functions.

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