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This guide will provide links to materials of interest to students and faculty in the Justice Administration program.  To find materials for a specific class, click the course numbers below.

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JADM 340 JADM 350 JADM 400 JADM 403
JADM 407 JADM 410 JADM 413 JADM 417
JADM 420 JADM 423 JADM 427 JADM 430
JADM 435 JADM 445 JADM 450 JADM 455
JADM 460 JADM 465 JADM 470 JADM 475
JADM 480 JADM 485 JADM 490 JADM 495


The Justice Administration program provides students with a background in various aspects of the criminal justice system and prepares students to adapt to change in this dynamic field. The program is designed to meet the education needs of individuals seeking to begin careers in criminal justice, as well as those currently working in the field or with related experience.


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