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Welcome to the Network & Communications Management Program Research Guide

This guide will provide links to materials of interest to students and faculty in the accounting program.  To find materials for a specific class, click the course numbers below.

NETW 202 NETW 203 NETW 204 NETW 205
NETW 206 NETW 207 NETW 208 NETW 209
NETW 230 NETW 230 NETW 240 NETW 310
NETW 320 NETW 360 NETW 410 NETW 420
NETW 230 NETW 471 NETW 490 NETW 494
NETW 497      


Network & Communications Management program integrates technology and business management coursework, enabling graduates to analyze communications needs, provide effective networking solutions and fill a critical niche in business organizations. The program addresses designing, implementing, securing and managing networks in order to gain a technical understanding of networking data, voice and images, as well as their strategic application in business.

DeVry University. (2014). Academic catalog [PDF version]. Retrieved from

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