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Ask A Librarian

Dear Ask-A-Librarian User,

It is my pleasure to assist you and in doing so I promise to be respectful, timely and accurate. I promise to provide you with the research skills you will need to achieve your career goals. It is important to me that I provide you with consistent customer care. I promise to actively listen and question to clarify your need for information. I promise to communicate clearly with you and to follow up on inquires that require further attention and I will work continually to improve my research skills to align with our university programs.

About Us

Our team of librarians is available to help you access library resources, search for information, and provide direction for research questions you may have. We offer a variety of connection options. If you have library and research related questions, this is the right place!

Here is the link to a short screencast about the Ask A Librarian service.

Ways to get Assistance

Have questions? If Ask A Librarian is not available, try out the Knowledge Base. The Ask A Librarian Knowledge Base is a collection of prepared research assistance directions created in anticipation of your questions.  Use a keyword search term.  Example: password; SOCS350; scholarly…

Basic search of library knowledge base:

If you'd prefer to ask a question via email, click here.  The questions are answered during hours of the Ask A Librarian chat service.

If you'd prefer to call a librarian, click here.  Please note that hours of availability vary according to librarian and location.

You can chat live with a DeVry University Librarian via our online Ask a Librarian service. This is an interactive Q and A chat. The normal session is less than 15 minutes. Trying to bookmark, add to favorites, or print anything during the chat session may lead to a service disconnection.

At the end of the session, you will receive a list of live links, which will allow you to go back and visit all of the pages the librarian showed you. You can bookmark anything you want at that time.

This service is available during the following times (unless otherwise announced on this page and the homepage):

Eastern Time

Mon-Thu 1pm-11pm
Fri 1pm-8pm  
Sat 2pm-6pm
Sun 4pm-8pm

   Central Time

Mon-Thu 12pm-10pm
Fri 12pm-7pm
Sat 1pm-5pm
Sun 3pm-7pm

   Mountain Time

Mon-Thu 11am-9pm
Fri 11am-6pm
Sat 12pm-4pm
Sun 2pm-6pm

   Pacific Time

Mon-Thu 10am-8pm
Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 11am-3pm
Sun 1pm-5pm

Individual Research Online Consultation (IROC).  You, or you and your team, can meet online with a librarian for a research consultation via Adobe Connect.  The librarian will identify potential resources, orientate you to the Virtual Library, explain advanced searching, and direct you to other appropriate resources.  As our goal is to make you self-sufficient in your research.  We cannot do your work for you, but we will give you our best professional advice.  
Sessions will typically not last more than one hour.
The Librarian will send an email summary of the session to you.  The Librarian can also record the session and also send you the link.
Please make your request with at least two business days for the Librarian to prepare.
Your appointment will be confirmed by a Librarian.   If you do not hear from a Librarian in 3 business days, contact Daniel Liestman (, 630-960-1933).
The DeVry Virtual Library is not able to guarantee patron privacy while using a 3rd party-service.
To initiate an IROC session, click here.